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The 3 Pillars of Montessori

The Prepared Environment:

The Montessori classroom, also known as the prepared environment, is one of the foundational pillars of the Montessori method. It encompasses both indoor and outdoor spaces, adorned with attractive child-sized furniture, a variety of workspaces, and plants. This environment is meticulously arranged and designed to accommodate multi-age groups. Montessori classrooms feature developmentally appropriate materials, scientifically crafted and aesthetically pleasing. These materials are thoughtfully placed on low-level shelves, ensuring easy access for children. They are self-correcting, fostering self-exploration and discovery. This arrangement encourages children to choose their learning activities independently and move freely, embracing the freedom of movement. The materials have a built-in control of error. This lets the child recognize and fix errors on their own, without needing a teacher to help.

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The Montessori Guide:

The role of an Montessori Guide or Teacher in the environment has multiple aspects. Right from creating and maintaining an enriched environment to engaging children to bring a holistic development of the child. Children have the freedom to engage in their own learning experiences, and the Montessori teacher supports them throughout this process. The teacher serves as a bridge between the child and the prepared environment. They present each material to the child when
they are ready. At the heart of a Montessori teacher's role is the deep love and respect they hold for each child's total being. The teacher is trained to use observation as a tool of assessment of the child’s developmental needs, interests and progress. The teacher guides each individual child based on her close observations of that child’s trajectory of development.

The Child:

In Montessori, the child takes centre stage. Each child is celebrated as a unique individual with innate potential. Montessori education empowers children to explore, learn, and grow at their own pace. By providing a prepared environment and nurturing guidance, children develop independence, confidence, and a love for learning. This approach honours each child's curiosity and helps them become capable, responsible, and self-assured individuals.

Dheeksha's Montessori programs stand firmly on the foundation of this triangle of elements.

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