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"The Story of 'Dheeksha': Our Name, Our Journey"

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"At the heart of 'Dheeksha Montessori', the name 'Dheeksha' signifies dedication and initiation. We are committed to initiating the child's journey towards independence and learning. Our emblem mirrors the very essence of 'Dheeksha', Just as a hand gently cares for a seed that turns into a beautiful plant, we've crafted a special world where the seeds of curiosity are nurtured, and the roots of independence begin to sprout.

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Dheeksha Montessori is the brainchild of a founder who perceives Montessori philosophy more as a way of life than just an educational method. Our aspiration is to provide a comprehensive and wholesome learning experience for all children, allowing them to develop at their own pace. We understand that every child needs to be understood, respected, and supported for their growth during their early years and beyond. Our aim is to build a community that supports and nurtures each child in their natural way. We firmly believe that education is not limited to classrooms; it encompasses every moment of a child's day.


Our Vision is to create a beautiful world were both children and parents experience deep fulfilment,
continuous growth, and boundless joy in their respective journeys


Our mission is to guide children in a nurturing and prepared environment, empowering them to
reach their fullest potential and become confident, independent, and responsible adults. This
enables parents to pursue their journey with happiness and peace.

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