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Montessori Living (Daycare)

Welcome to the World of Little Explorers: A world where your child's happiness takes center stage. 

Supporting Crucial Formative Years -

At our "World of Little Explorers", we've crafted a unique world with your little ones in mind, providing a space for them to truly live. Our environment creates a homey feeling for little ones, like being part of a big family. Here, they learn essential skills for life while feeling comfortable and cared for.

Children approach each day with a sense of purpose and happiness, immersing themselves in activities of their choice. They eagerly participate in tasks such as dusting the shelves, food preparation, table setting, and serving. For instance, when a child spills water during a meal, It's in these moments that we gently guide them to fetch a child-sized mop and attend to the spill, nurturing responsibility and independence from an early age. This independence extends further as they learn to water plants, dress themselves, and enthusiastically participate in their favourite washing activities.

Our carefully crafted environment, including dedicated spaces like the Dining Area, Dressing Area, Reading Nook, and Washing Zone, acts as a gateway to vital life skills. Our approach empowers children to take initiative, make choices, and build confidence in their abilities.

Just like a small seed that grows into a towering tree, each day here is a step toward your child's growth and development.


A Day at World of Little Explorers:


  • Morning Greetings: A Warm Welcome to Start the Day

  • Healthy Start: Nutritious Breakfast and Hydration

  • Morning Work cycle

  • Nap Time for Toddlers

  • Afternoon Work cycle - for Primary Children

  • Social Bonding and Snack Time

  • Outdoor Playtime

  • Clubhouse - Enrichment Activities for Holistic Development

  • Saying Goodbye: Parting with Hearts Full of Happiness


The above routine is applicable for children above 2 years. For children below 2 years, we carefully plan developmentally appropriate engagement based on the unique routines of each child, ensuring their individual needs are met.

Our Daycare app offers more than just information – it brings convenience to your fingertips. Providing real-time updates about your child's meals, nap time, dress changes, diaper changes, health & well-being, learning moments, and capturing cherished memories, it ensures you stay closely connected with your child's day.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a visit, and take the next step in making your child's formative years truly extraordinary, setting the stage for a lifetime of success.

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